Sport City Corvette Club 3650 Frederick St. Shreveport, LA 71109-3306 US

(318) 773-3863 or (318) 560-4632

Motto; "We Are One"

Motto; "We Are One"

Motto; "We Are One"Motto; "We Are One"Motto; "We Are One"

Club Bylaws

Constitution and bylaws

                                                                    ARTICLE I

                     Section I. Name

The name of the club shall be S’port City Corvette Club.

                     Section II. Purpose

The purpose of the S’port City Corvette Club shall be; to operate as a non-profit corporation as set forth by the laws of Louisiana; to enhance planned trips, events and social activates for members; to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for Corvette owners; and to encourage careful and skillful driving on public streets. We are first and foremost a social organization geared towards enjoying each other’s company and having fun with our very special Corvettes.

                                                                   ARTICLE II

                      Section I. Membership

A. Membership in the S’port City Corvette Club shall be open to all persons who qualify as defined in Section II of this article.

B. Member must be at least 21 years of age or older.

                      Section II. Class of Memberships:

A. Regular Member: A regular member is a person who qualified as a member and is in good standing*** with the S’port City Corvette Club. A regular member is the registered whole or part owner of a Chevrolet Corvette and has full voting rights.

B. Associate Member: An associate member is a person who is a member of the S’port City Corvette Club in good standing, but has only partial rights (no voting rights / can’t hold an office) and privileges or subordinate status. They must pay monthly dues and be responsible for selling a minimum or paying the cost of twenty (20) tickets. An associate member does not have to be the owner of a Chevrolet Corvette.

                        Definition of Good Standing; a person in good standing is looked upon as having complied with all of his/her obligations in accordance with the wishes, requests, requirements, conditions, etc…. of the organization.

                     Section III. Dues/Fees:

A. The majority membership may set the dues/fees as it deems fit for the betterment of the S’port City Corvette Club.

B. Payment of Dues:

The membership dues are to be paid at every monthly meeting or paid quarterly.

C. Issuance and Responsibility for Tickets:

Every member will be issued a minimum of twenty (20) tickets and will be responsible for selling or paying the cost of twenty (20) tickets.

                     Section IV. Expulsion:

Membership will automatically lapse for non-payment of dues. Any member may be expelled (voted out) by a majority vote of the membership after 3 months of non-payment of club dues.

                     Section V. Resignation:

Any member may resign by directing a letter of resignation to the secretary.

                                                                        ARTICLE III

                     Section I. Officers Nominations

All officers are nominated and voted in by majority membership and shall be elected to serve a two year term. Officers are nominated in the month of November. They are voted in by majority membership in December. New officers take office the 1st of January the following year.

                      Section II. Failure to Complete Term

In the event that any officer shall resign or become unable to hold office before the end of their term the President/Vice President shall appoint, with approval of the membership, a member to fill the vacancy.

                                                                        ARTICLE IV

                                                                    Officers – Duties


The President shall preside and maintain order at all meetings. He/she shall have and exercise general charge and supervision of the affairs of the S’port City Corvette Club.

                      Vice President

At the request of the President, or in the event of his/her absence, the Vice President, shall perform the duties and exercise of power of the President and to the extent authorized by the S’port City Corvette Club.


The Secretary shall have charge of such books, documents, and papers as the membership may determine. He/she shall report all minutes and votes of the preceding monthly meeting. Approval of the minutes shall be obtained.


The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies, saleable items, debts and obligations which belong to the Club accounts. He/she shall make all payments of Club debts upon approval of the membership. All contracts, checks, drafts and notes or other instruments for payment shall be signed in the name of the Club by three Officers. He/she shall give a report on the financial status of the Club at all monthly meetings.

                       Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms shall be responsible for maintaining order at all meeting. He/she shall enforce the rules and regulations imposed by the membership.

                                                                    ARTICLE V

                         Section I. Official Emblem:

The emblem of the S’port City Corvette Club shall be: Map of the State of Louisiana with a Corvette and the inscription S’port City Corvette Club (top) Shreveport, LA (bottom).

                         Section II. Inscription and Color:

The emblem of the S’port City Corvette Club shall always contain the inscription as described in                                                                    ARTICLE V, Section I. 

The emblem color shall always be yellow and black.