Sport City Corvette Club 3650 Frederick St. Shreveport, LA 71109-3306 US

(318) 773-3863 or (318) 560-4632

Motto; "We Are One"

Motto; "We Are One"

Motto; "We Are One"Motto; "We Are One"Motto; "We Are One"

About Us

president: don d. otis


S'port City Officers


We are first and foremost a social organization geared towards enjoying each other's company and having fun with our very special Corvettes.

Vice president: robert shaw


secretary: Lisa clinton


treasurer: d'juna a. otis


sgt. at arms: freddie clinton


President's Message


                  Welcome to Sport City Corvette Club (SCCC), located in Shreveport, Louisiana that is dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of the Corvette automobile.  We welcome all models and all years. Established in 1978, our membership has grown throughout the years. Our members are professional people from all facets of life.

                     We are supporters of The Providence House, Caddo Parish School Board Homeless Program, St. Jude, Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana just to name a few. We have a very active calendar of events throughout the year. These include but are not limited to day cruises, outings for dining, two annual fundraisers, an annual Labor Day picnic, some annual parades and many other exciting activities in and around the city. 

                    We travel to several car shows in and around the city as well as those in some of the surrounding states. If you are a Corvette owner or enthusiast, why not join us at one of our monthly club meetings at our clubhouse located at 3650 Jewella Ave. (across from Max’s Pawn Shop). You can also visit our Facebook Like Page.

                                                          We would love to meet you!

                                                                  Don D. Otis, President

Our Club History

A glimpse in the rear view mirror


                      They say the journey is just as important as the destination… This holds particularly true for the Sport City Corvette Club. Our rich heritage and passion for the Corvette has greatly contributed to what our organization has become today. We are one of the oldest (established in 1978) Corvette clubs in the City of Shreveport and Northwest Louisiana. Our membership invites you to look through our history and you will find, that as a club, we have evolved and grown along-side the evolution of the Corvette. You will soon see the one common thread… good people, doing great things, with the Corvette as our cornerstone.

                      The Sport City Corvette Club was organized in June, 1978. There were 15 original members, some are still members. We currently have 47 active members, and we’re still growing! The purpose of the club is for corvette owners and enthusiasts to fellowship and give support throughout the community. The first meeting locations were at Conn’s Car Wash on Linwood @ Kings Highway and Powell Medical Center on Pierre Avenue. Meetings were later held at Rachel’s Beauty Salon on Jewella Ave. Monthly meetings were once held at Bragg’s Automotive on Linwood Ave. The official Corvette Clubhouse is now located at 3650 Frederick Street (across from Max's Pawn Shop on Jewella Ave.). 

                      General Body: Sport City Corvette Club has a board consisting of five officers. They are elected every two years by the active members. Sport City has a constitution and by-laws in place. Sport City Corvette Club participate in an annual fan drive for the seniors, St. Jude, Christmas Angel Tree, Free Annual Labor Day picnic, scholarship fund giveaway, annual back to school giveaway and numerous donations to various community organizations. The official club colors are black and yellow. The club motto is “We Are One”. Sport City Corvette Club is a “non-profit” organization. Sport City Corvette Club was originally a member of the United Council of Corvette Clubs (UCCC). In 1984 Sport City united with the International Council of Corvette Clubs (ICCC).